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Specific classification and introduction of automatic mask equipment

Jul 24, 2020

Brief analysis of basic knowledge of full automatic mask equipment.

According to the introduction of the automatic mask equipment manufacturer Kuida Yuda, mask machines are generally divided into flat mask machines, cup-type mask machines, folding mask machines, and special-shaped mask machines.

Plane mask machine:

The flat mask machine produces disposable flat masks as well as the equipment used to produce medical masks. The masks produced by this machine are simple in style and easy to wear. The flat masks are produced by using two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper, and disposable three-layer masks. It is made of professionally used medical and health fiber non-woven fabrics by adding a layer of filtration between the two layers to achieve a bacterial resistance of more than 99%. The melt-blown fabric is made by ultrasonic welding. The metal is breathable and comfortable, and the filtering effect is up to 99%, which is especially suitable for electronics factories.

Cup type mask machine:

The cup type mask machine is a kind of equipment for producing various types of cup type masks. The cup type is made of multi-layer non-woven fabrics through heat pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic removal, waste removal, welding of earband nose bridge strips and other processes with certain filtering performance. Masks, mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires multiple machines to cooperate to complete a variety of different processes.

Cup-type mask machine is a device for producing various cup-type masks. It is used to produce various masks with certain filtering performance through processes such as hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, and welding of ear bands and nose bridge strips. Mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete various different procedures. The more popular mask equipment in the market includes: cup mask machine, non-woven flat mask machine, cup mask machine, 3M9001 / 9002 folding mask machine, duckbill mask machine, three-dimensional dust mask machine and so on.

Folding mask machine:

Folding mask machine is used to produce folding masks. It is a multi-layer non-woven fabric and melt-blown cloth with high-efficiency electrostatic filter material, which can absorb extremely fine dust. Unique design shape, with excellent nose clip and headband, to ensure a good fit on the face. Foldable for easy carrying. Suitable for most face shapes.

Special mask machine:

There is no big difference between special-shaped masks and other methods of finding production. The main reason is that the masks have special styles, such as duck-mouth masks and pig-mouth masks. These are generally used in high-polluting industries. We rarely see them.

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