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N95 Full Automatic Mask Machine

High Speed N95 Full Automatic Mask Machine

Technical specification of equipment

No. Description
Name N95 Full Automatic Mask Machine
Voltage Single phase 220VAC/50/60Hz
Total power 7.5KW
Air pressure 0.5~0.6 Mpa
Air consumption 35L/min
Operator One person
Speed 30~35 pcs/min
Capacity 40000~50000pcs / day
Size (L)9500mm×(W)1400mm×(H)2100mm
Weight 1800kg

Equipment Features

N95 Mask Making Machine Factory in China

  • High production efficiency, reaching 30-35PCS per minute;
  • The equipment has a compact structure with small floor space;
  • Modular design, convenient for debugging and maintenance;
  • Fully automatic production, only need one person to operate;
  • The man-machine interface is simple and convenient for operation monitoring
  • Intelligent parameterized design, simple and stable operation;
  • Perfect alarm function for lack of materials, faults and shutdown, with quick handling of abnormalities.

Overall equipment description

N95 Full Automatic Mask Machine

N95 Mask Making Machine Factory


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