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High Speed Autoroll Cutting Machine

High Speed Autoroll Cutting Machine Model:UNL-920



Main Technical Parameters

High Speed Autoroll Cutting Machine

Cutting Precision ±0.1mm(white paper)
Rated Cutting Speed 100-130times/min
Max Cutting Speed 130times/min 
Max Cutting Pressure 120T
Max Cutting Paper Size(W×L) 900mm*510mm(W×L)
Min Cutting Paper Size(W×L) 490mm*350mm (W×L)
Suitable Paper Weight 135g-500g
Total Rate Of Machine 16Kw
Main Motor Power 7.5Kw
Overall Dimensions 4.6m*2.4m*2.3m (L×W×H)
Total Weight 7.0T

Structure Device List

1 Handpiece5 Components, Casting Parts      Crossbeam,Lifting Table, The movement Base, Left and Right Wallboard
2 Inter-Machine Transmission Device Worm Gear, Worm
3 Chopping Board NO.65 Manganese Steel 65
4 Automatic Form Receiving Tray  
5 Fixing Core Loading Paper

Electric Configuration List

1 Main Motor Y132M-4 Lichao Shanghai
2 Servo Motor 4.5ACA61(with reduction gearbox) Yaskawa Japan
3 Smart Sensor(Color Marks Sensor) Sick Germany
4 Touch Screen DOP-BO7S200 Weinview
5 PLC:DVP Panasonic
6 Traction MotorZF32-2.253 Zhibao Taiwan
7 Frequency Converter 7SKWVFD-B/2.2WVFD-M Huichuan,Shenzhen
8 Reduction Gearbox Germany
9 Switch Schneider,CHNT


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